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Unity, empowerment, and vision—that is the very foundation of the Volusia County Hispanic Association Inc. (VCHA), a 501 C (3)organization founded in 1995 to create cultural awareness and learning opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds. VCHA’s achievements are many—including a range of public events and community outreach programs. From VCHA’s scholarships and assistance to needy families to the annual Back-to-School Fair and vibrant Annual Latin Arts and Music Festival—our volunteers unite the community by increasing cultural awareness and fostering opportunities.​

Diversity and multiculturalism have become mainstays of successful business today. Savvy businesses are not only staffing with diversity in mind—they are increasingly targeting today’s Hispanic consumers—a critical, brand-loyal market segment. Research shows that Hispanics are the nation’s majority minority, at 14.5 percent of the nation’s population. Businesses understand that the spending power of Hispanics is significant. Collectively, Hispanics have a projected buying power of $863.1 billion.

VCHA helps organizations reach the diverse population of consumers today. We share open dialogue, discover common ground, and build bridges that celebrate our cultural differences. We help shape a healthier and brighter Volusia County—an environment where everyone can achieve and prosper.

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